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Every time I open FP2003 it loads everything it needs and displays whatever
I was working on last, or a new blank page if I closed with no site loaded,
which is all ok.

However, it then immediately 'goes off and does something' and then
refreshes the screen.

This means that I cannot just open FP and click on a page to open, but have
to wait the time it takes to do whatever it goes away to do.

This is not a long time, maybe only a couple of seconds or so, but it is
very annoying.

Does anyone know what I may have set up incorrectly, that makes FP do this?

My basic system info is:
Gigabyte 81PE1000-G Mobo
Intel Pentium P4 2.8GHz Hyperthreading CPU
2Gb PC400 DDR RAM running in Dual Channel
1 x 200Gb HDD (plenty of free space)
1 x 160Gb HDD (plenty of free space)
Radeon 9600 GPU with 256Mb RAM

I have a partition dedicated to web development where I work from and store

Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,






If you go to Tools...Options, on the General tab you'll see the second
checkbox from the top is "Open last web automatically when FrontPage starts".
If you only manage one site, I'd leave this checked. Clear it if you manage
more than one, or just want a blank page when you start.

By "goes off and does something", check to see what add-ins, if any, you
have installed and what they are doing. I have the Jimco add-ins installed on
my machine, and, like yours, my FrontPage is unresponsive for several seconds
while the add-ins load. (A very small price to pay for the added productivity
these add-ins provide!)

Hope this helps.

Kevin Spencer

You don't have anything set up incorrectly. FrontPage is a networking
client, and network operations sometimes take a while to process.


Kevin Spencer
Microsoft MVP
..Net Developer
What You Seek Is What You Get.




Hi John and Kevin,

Thanks for your replies.

Yes, I also have jimco add-in, as well as a few others, plus I have three
other pc's networked to this main pc through a router.

You have both answered my question for me and put my mind at rest that this
is how FP should act.

Thanks again.

Kind regards,


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