opening access database (.mdb) file issue



I'm not sure if this is the correct group, but anyway...

At work I have set up a web-based intranet (using the drupal cms).
I want would like to launch an Access Database which resides on a
networked drive via a hyperlink.
The link looks something like:
<a href="file://\P:\path\to\mdbfile.mdb">open db</a>
When I click on this link, I get two messages. The first asks if I
want to open or download the DB.
If I select open, I get a security message that says something like:
"...the file you are downloading cannot be opened by the default
And then I cannot simply open the DB, but must download it.

However, if i simply type the path ("file://\P:\path\to\mdbfile.mdb")
into IE's address field, the DB launches as desired.

How can I get this same behavior via a hyperlink?


See this article for possible help:

Executing files by hyperlink and the File Download dialog box in Internet


Jon R. Kennedy MS MVP/IE
Charlotte, NC USA
(e-mail address removed)

Thank you for the useful response.
I have a few additional question:
1) is there a way to change the folder view option so the iFrame
displays the files in the list view and removes the directory's left
2) do you know of a way, maybe using javascript, to create a regular
hyperlink which directs a user to a webpage that contains this iFrame
and then automatically double-clicks the appropriate file. I envision
a scenario where all of the files I want users to launch via our
intranet are organized (via shortcuts) into one directory. A user
would click a link on our Intranet that directs them to a web page
that contains an iframe with this directory but instead of forcing
them to double-click on the appropriate file, a javascript onload
event would take a variable from the URL to identify the specific file
to launch and then automatically double-click it.

Also, the article you directed me to suggests that "there is nothing
in the HTML specification for the anchor tag (<A>) or any current
scripting object model that provides a means for the Web site to
indicate which is desired for a particular link."
However, using javascript, you can execute an .exe file from the
browser using something like:
function RunEXE()
var oShell = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var prog = "p:\\path\\to\\db.mdb";

Where the following can be a button (or hyperlink).
<input id="Button1" onclick="RunEXE()" type="button" />

The problem here is that I need to change all my users IE security
settings to enable "Initializing and Script Activex controls not
marked as safe".

Thanks again,

Jon Kennedy

The answer to your first two questions is, and I'm sorry, no - I don't do
coding. Hopefully someone smarter than me in that area will come along and
answer correctly. As for your last question, that setting can be made for
all your users by using a Group Policy - Computer Config...Admin.
templates....Windows Components....Internet Explorer...Internet Control
Panel...Security Page. Or you can distribute and manage IE via the IEAK
Sep 16, 2011
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The iframe was not acceptable at a customers workplace... they did not want a landing page with the iframe on it... so you might like to know this crazy workaround...
Assuming you want to open an access mdb from a network share via a link on a webpage.
Rename the file extention eg my accessdb.mdb > myaccessdb.justopenaccessmdb (or some other obfuscated extension eg guid)
Via grooup policy or whatever...
In file associations add justopenaccessmdb associated with MS Access.
Also make sure the server the share is on is added to trusted sites.
Change the trusted zone security settings>Launching applications and unsafe files (enable)

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