only 1 pptp outgoing connection works - if 2 then one connection drops ?




Im having a strange problem again whereby my network is only allowing 1
outgoing pptp connection at a time. Im setup like this:

netgear router
| |
DNS lan clients

The lan clients are a mixture of 2000 and XP pro. When have about 50
external pptp services that we need to connect to now and again. When one
internal clinet connects to a remote pptp service the connection is fine
until another internal client connects to another remote pptp service - at
this stage the first clients connection drops.

Can anyone suggest where the problem may lie or suggest any troubleshooting
tips ?

(NOTE: i also host a pptp service but incoming connections are rare. I dont
think the incoming traffic is effected but im not 100% sure).

Thanks for your time.

Bill Grant

It is probably the Netgear router. Many SOHO routers only allow one pptp
connection to be made through them.

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