One-way LAN messaging software



Do you want to
- Keep your users updated and notificated on any news and events on
your local network?
- Send instant messages and files to them?
- Organize and manage user groups from a central server?
- Reach your users and send instant messages event your users are
currently offline?
- Get the features above at no cost?

Look into Bopup Observer instant messenger.

One-way LAN instant messenger compatible with standard WinPopup and
Messenger Service (Net Send command) software. A many features and
functions include group messaging, log of message conversation,
receiving files, advanced messages support with graphic images
(smileys), network and URL addresses. Real-time communications can be
organized with both Peer-to-Peer or Client/Server architecture.

Using a central server user gets powerful facilities for organization
of effective instant messaging system with news notification,
centralized user grouping, offline message delivery, creation and
management of public user information.

Easy deployment with "silent" installs that are provided by the
vendor's website. The software supports hidden settings which allows to
prevent users from exit the program and change the program settings.

Read more information at
To download proceed to

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