one LAN; two gateways; possible?; how?


Mike Clark

I have one network ( containing 10 clients running win2k.
They are set up to obtain an IP address automatically from
The Default Gateway ( has a public address ( to the

A second Gateway device is attached to the same LAN.
It has a static IP address on the LAN (,
And it has a second IP address matching a remote LAN (,
And it connects to the remote LAN via a dedicated circuit.

The Default Gateway is for Internet connections; All a client has to do is
open a browser.

We want a client to be able to also connect to the remote LAN through the
second Gateway.
Is this possible using WIndows2kPro ROUTE command.

If so, how is the comand set up and started?

Is this close? (see the following)

ROUTE -f ADD Mask Gateway 1
And how is the command run? Shortcut? Pointing a browser to
And how is the routing changed back to Default?
I am not (obviously) understanding this stuff!!!




Bill Grant

You could add the second route to every client. The static route would
take priority over the default route, so the traffic for 10.10.10 would go
to the remote LAN gateway, everything else would go to the Internet router.

If you have access to the Internet router, you could add the route
there. That way you only need to do it once. The client would send all
traffic to the default gateway, but the default router would redirect the
10.10.10 traffic to the WAN gateway.

What the actual route is depends on what traffic you want to redirect.
Exactly what addresses are the clients at the remote site (over the WAN
link) using? If they are using the addressing scheme 10.10.10.x and mask , your route would need to look like this

This tells the routing software to send all data for a 10.10.10.x
address to the WAN router at . The router will forward it over
the link to the remote site.

If you add the route to the clients, the format is

route add -p mask

The exact format to add it to the router depends on on what router it
is. But the actual numbers are the same - destination subnet address, subnet mask and gateway address .

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