One Form, Alternate Recipients?



I have a <form> built with FP2000 that uses FP Extension form properties to
deliver form submissions to an email recipient. I would like to add a radio
button field with two options, then be able to direct the form submission to
one of two email addresses, depending upon which option is selected in this
field. Is that possible? If anyone can get me started on the coding to do
that, I would appreciate your help. Thanks,


Cannot be done using FrontPage extensions. Requires server side
scripting (asp, asp.NET, PHP etc) depending on what your host supports
and your programming knowledge.

Client side JavaScript can be used to determine which address to use,
but the extensions have no way to get to the chosen address. In any
case, email addresses are best kept to server side scripts to avoid


Thanks for your feedback; I was afraid that was the answer. Unfortunately,
programming knowledge is limited to HTML, a little javascript, a little
cgi/perl. Guess I need to take a different approach. Thanks again.

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