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I asked this a few months ago, and don't think I ever got an answer so I'll
try again.

My old work computer was replaced this Spring, with a fresh install of Excel
2003. We also have a virtual login used when working from home via vpn. I
also run (and have for several years) Excel 2003 on both my home desktop and
laptop, and now an additional new home laptop as of July. So, if you're
counting, that will be 5 of 6 systems where Excel works exactly how I want (1
old work, 1 virtual, 3 home) and always has. I've run a compare of every
Tools/Options/subscreens of each install, and they're identical in all 6.

I DO NOT WANT SEPARATE *WINDOWS* OF EXCEL, like it seems everyone else does,
and I don't care about Windows In Taskbar. What I DO want is for new files
to open *tiled* in the single instance of Excel that's already open. My new
install doesn't do this, but every other install (all 5) does. I use
"*tiled*" since that's not really what I want -- little windows of each file
completely filling the instance window -- but more like a cascade . . . but
not that either.

Usually, if I have a file open in my Excel window and then open another from
either the File menu Recent list, an Explorer folder, an email attachment,
etc. the new one will open to the same dimensions and instance window
location of its last Save, as a manipulable window of the worksheet only with
its own title bar showing the filename, in the Excel instance window.
Sometimes multiple open files overlap and sometimes they stack -- such as if
both files were last located in the very upper left corner, I may have to
nudge the top new one aside to get to the back one, or if the new one is/was
only open to 3/4 of the window I can still see the back one behind it.

The unsatisfying install may or may not open an Excel file in the instance
window as its own file window, but if it does open a 2nd file in its own
window, 90+% of the time the window isn't manipulable but static, and then I
have to Window/Arrange/Tiled to be able to move or resize it. But most often
the 2nd file (and often even the 1st) opens and overtakes the instance window
so that I have to *undock* it using the *Restore* button at the far right
corner of the menu bar, just underneath the Min/Max/Exit buttons of the app
title bar.

Sorry to be wordy but I've asked every power user and guru I know personally
and all I get is puzzled looks and shaken heads so I must be the only one
who's ever seen Excel work this way, but somehow coincidentally in every
other install I've ever used. If there's some setting, preference, or
command I've enabled 5 other places, I have no recollection of it to recreate





I will consider myself a GURU if I can solve your problem...

We will need to work together to get this done.

I will need screen shot of the way you want the windows to be... Can you
mail it to me?

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