OLE Problem on Opening



Hi All,

I have searched everywhere but cannot find a solution to this.

I have a c.6mb .xlsb file (c.60mb in .xls) which I am trying to open
in xl 2003. However everytime I try to open it it starts to convert
the file then just gives me the following warning "microsft Excel is
waiting for another application to complete an OLE action"

I have no other programs open when I try this, any help would be
greatly apprecaited.






Are there macros in the workbook? First try to open the workbook with
macros disabled (using medium security mode) and see if the problem is
the workbook or the macros.  If the macros are the problem you can put a
STOP in the Workbook open Function so you can debug the problem.  After
you reach the Stop you can either single step or run to help find the

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Thanks Joel,

Sorry for the late reply, It ended up being a combination of both the
macro and number of formula. I have now sorted the macro and split the

Thanks Again

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