OLE !!!!!!! H E L P !!!!!



I am using Visual CE which is installed on my handheld over the Pocket PC

I am trying to synchronize a scribble from a Picture field in VCE to an
OLE object type field in Access. It always worked for 3 years. And today the
scribble I draw on the Hand held does not appear in the OLE field of my
Access table !

Usually if a scribble is available, the Access table field would indicate
this by an "X" or some text indicating that there is a scribble, However
now, nothing shows even though there should be a scribble there.

Furthe more when I click on the OLE field in My Access table I get the
following message:

"The OLE server isnt registered"
"To register the OLE server, re-install it"

Experts are telling me the following, but it still doesn't explain to me
what I should do to solve the problem!

"When this error happens over in plain Windows/Access land, it
usually means the user has installed a recent application that has
taken over the file registration for the Image type in question."

Also, I have been told to try to remember what I installed recently and
re-install it.

But if I re-install it, how would that solve the problem, if its the
install that created the problem.

Also I have been told that I have installed some third party application
that has taken over the file registration for .BMP files on your desktop

WHAT IS THIS file registration for the Image type ?

Can anyone give me a clue of what this means!

All appreciated

Best regards

Stephen Lebans

Robert when you install an application, such as a Paint Program, it wants to
be the program to display certain Image file types by default. To this end
the application makes certains entries in the Windows Registry. In your
case, let's assume Microsoft Paint was the program registered to display
Bitmap(BMP) files by default on your system. It just so happens that
Microsoft Paint is able to function as an OLE Image Server for Bitmap files
you insert into an OLE object field of an Access table.

Something has changed on your system recently. A different application is
now registered to be the default viewer/editor for BMP files on your system.
This can happen if you have installed any new applications recently.

Open the table directly, from the Database container window, containing the
OLE object field. What does it say in the OLE field for the records that
still display properly?


Stephen Lebans
Access Code, Tips and Tricks
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