Older ZoneAlarm apps, MS08-061 (KB956803) & loss of connection


PA Bear [MS MVP]

[Crossposted to IE General, WinXP General, and Windows Update newsgroups;
Followup set to IE General]

Posted as an FYI only:

MS08-066: Vulnerability in the Microsoft Ancillary Function driver could
allow elevation of privilege
Known issue with this security update

After you install this security update on a Windows XP-based computer or on
a Windows Server 2003-based computer that is running ZoneAlarm, you may be
unable to connect to the Internet.

This issue may occur when you run the ZoneAlarm versions that are listed in
the following table:

• Zone Alarm Internet Security Suite 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000
• Zone Alarm Pro 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000
• Zone Alarm Anti Virus 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000
• Zone Alarm Anti-Spyware 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000
• Zone Alarm Basic Firewall 6.5.645.000–7.0.482.000
• EndPoint Security 6.5.645.000–7.0.865.000 (excluding 7.0.843.0007 and


Most ZA users will be running v7.0.483.000 or later now.




The version of AFD.SYS that is released together with security update
KB956189 (MS08-037) and security update KB956803 (MS08-066) has an
application compatibility issue [with older versions of ZoneAlarm/
Checkpoint applications] (26 Nov-08)

Windows Update may not install security updates 956189 and 956803 on
your computer until you have installed update 958752. After you
install update 958752, you can install security updates 956189 and
956803 without experiencing a compatibility issue.
~PA Bear

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