OL2007: editing email in Outbook before sending breaks the email



I have Outlook set to *not* send immediately - I do a send/receive all
when I'm ready.

In OL2003, I could open an unsent email in the Outbox, edit it, then
click "Send" and it would automatically go back to the send queue (and
be sent went I hit F9 "Send & Receive All").

In OL2007, if I open an unsent email, the email never gets sent,
unless I manually move it to the Drafts folder, then open it, click
send, then open it again, and click send again. (It always takes two
"sends" to move the edited email from the Drafts folder back to the

Is there any way to get OL2007 to behave more intuitively (ie, more
like OL2003)?




BillR [MVP]

There is no magic setting. It seems more like a bug that you have found a
workaround for.

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