OL2003 Company View Issue


Joe McGuire

NOt the biggest problem but it is a puzzle. For most of my contacts I have
an entry for Company and when arrange them by Company (View, Arrange...) it
works fine. If I get two versions of the same company it's always because I
typed some tiny difference. But for many of my contacts there is no Company
(i.e., the Company field is blank). Yet when I arrange the contacts by
Company the first two entries are "Company (none)(x items)" and "Company
(none)(y items)." What is causing OL to treat these contacts differently? I
have checked several from the two different "Nones" to make sure that the
Company field is blank, i.e., no spaces, no other characters, just as blank
as I can get the things.

Judy Gleeson \(MVP Outlook\)

This puzzle has been around a long time (many versions of Outlook). It's not
just Company that does it. I see it frequently with Category none (2 groups
of None).

Maybe someone knows why? I've never solved it but haven't tried to either -
I just treat it as another Outlook quirk.

Judy Gleeson
MVP Outlook


Diane Poremsky [MVP]

In my experience its by age - older ones in one group, new in the other. I
believe this is due to using different profiles to create the contacts or
methods to add them - all the ones created by the current profile are in a
group and those by other profiles or synced from my BB are in another group.

You can drag them from one group to another so you have just one group.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]

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