Offline files


Sion Smith


I've done something terrible.......

My Dad's laptop was connected to his old works network and
had offline files configured for all his networked
storage. He's now working here and I've just imported his
laptop into the new domain without moving the offline
files to a different directory first - d'oh. This means
that although I can see the old offline files in their
folders, I can't access them at all, not even to copy them
to a different volume. I've backed up the CSC folder from
the root \Windows folder but I'm not sure if they will
recreate the lost files....

Does anybody have any ideas how I can restore his
files...By the way he can't go back to the old company to
synchronise on their server, they've already deleted
everything he had stored.

Please help, my personal wellbeing is at stake :)




Sion Smith

Sorry Guys, just ignore me. The laptop is running XP so I
just used system restore to go back to Sunday and copied
the synchronised files before reimporting it into the new

D'oh turned into woo hoo in just 5 minutes....


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