Offline files - destroying my PC performance



I've seen a few threads here and there about this problem but I can't
find anything conclusive for a fix.

Basically I have ~ 50,000 files (~200GB) synced with Offline Files.
This is a lot, but keep in mind it works perfectly under XP.

Every 5 minutes my CPU usage will go through the roof and my system
becomes unusuable. The System process uses 50-60% of the CPU and
another 30-40% is the CSC service (offline files).

First I disabled encryption. Slight improvement.

Then I disabled search indexing. Zero improvement.

I've tried looking for a way to tweak how often it syncs and can't
find anything. I've looked for hotfixes or any other potential fixes,
and nothing.

I'm running Vista Ultimate SP1, but see the same problem with Vista

I just tried disabling Offline Files, and now everything runs

I have also tried reinstalling Vista and creating the Offline Files
folder from scratch. No difference.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm pretty sure this is a known
issue - is the Microsoft team looking into this?



I've been having this same issue with Vista and Offline Files. Has there
been a solution for this problem?

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