Office 2000 - Frontpage & Vista



I want to install Frontpage 2000, which was included in MS Office 2000. My
computer's OS is Vista Home Premium. Will Frontpage 2000 work with Vista?





I have it installed, stand alone program, not the version included
with MS Office, same OS as you are using..

While it will "run" locally, no matter what I've tried I cannot get it
to connect with any web on the server. I've tried every compatibility
mode, "run as administrator" etc. Yes, the FPSE are indeed installed
and all my webs will still open in FP on a XP installation.

In Win98 and Win 2000 mode, it opens then immediately crashes. In
XP/SP1/Win 2003 server mode, it will open but I get the "folder isn't accessible. The folder may be located on
an unavailable volume or protected with a password" error msg, then an
additional error msg " file name, location or
format is not valid. Type the file name and location in the correct
format, such as c:\location\filename"

I still have a copy on an XP machine that I use occasionally, but I've
migrated to Expression Web and like it.

If you ever get it to work properly, let me know how...



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