% of subtotal in pivot table




I have a pivot and to be able to calculate % of subtotals.
I have a product A & B that 3 vendors are selling. I need to calculate what
is the percentage for each vendor under each product. So if Vendor A sold a
total of 15 units of Product A what is that percentage -- the result should
show 35% (15 of 43) but I'm unable to do get the result if I'm using any of
the "Options" in the "Field Settings". All data is in the row section,
nothing is in column as the format wouldn't fit. Any ideas please?

Product Vendor Type Total Vendor %/Product
A A X 6
A A Y 4
A A Z 5
A Subtotal 15 ?
A B X 1
A B Y 5
A B Z 6
B Subtotal 12 ?
A C X 6
A C Y 4
A C Z 6
C Subtotal 16 ?
A Total 43 ?
B A M 2
B A N 3
B A O 4
A Subtotal 9 ?
B B M 5
B B N 6
B B O 7
B Subtotal 18 ?
B C M 8
B C N 9
B C O 10
C Subtotal 27 ?
B Total 54 ?
Grand Total 97

thank you.


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