OEM Windows XP Pro SP2c install problems



have a legal purchased from Microsoft OEM windows xp Pro SP2c. I can
not install on my new custom build deskop, i have done computer stuff
for quite a while. I will try
and break this down with a short list so someone will hopefully be
able to help me:

1. CD won't boot on my custom machine (no os boot message) However it
will boot on a thinkpad.

2. Used BartPE to execute the startup file, NO GO once the key is
entered setup begins throws me back to setup screen.

3. Looking on the package windows OPK (OEM Pre Installation Kit) is
mentioned for installing but i am not a MSFT partner so i can't
download it. I could sign up company etc etc jump threw more hoops and
might still not work, i don't know OPK.

I am about ready to forget the whole thing and throw Ubuntu back on my
desktop and buy a used laptop which is cheaper then buying Windows XP

Any ideas, insight or advice or a place i can download the OPK or " ?
" would be greatly appreciated.


in message
CD won't boot on my custom machine (no os boot message) However it
will boot on a thinkpad.

Is you custom machine configured to boot from the CD/DVD drive? Check
the boot drive sequence in BIOS.

Is the OEM install CD a Microsoft-branded *generic* OEM install CD?
Or is it a branded OEM install CD, like from Dell, HP, etc.? If a
branded OEM install CD, it is possible that it is a BIOS-locked
install CD. That means it will only install on that brand of computer
and probably only for a limited model or family of models from that

Colin Barnhorst

Did you make sure that the cd drive is ahead of the hdd in the boot order in
the BIOS?.

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