nVidia nForce4 Realtek/Gigabyte SPDIF is not working in Vista.



I have a nForce4 GA-K8NF-9 motherboard with a built in Realtek audio.

The trouble is it worked fine with MCE 2005, but when I moved to Vista the
SPDIF is no longer functional. I have audio, but only 2 channel through the
regular audio jack. I have looked at all the settings in the Gigabyte UI that
Vista installed, and the Speaker control panel, but nothing allows me to turn
on the SPDIF jack.

I went to the Realtek site to get new drivers, but Vista didn't want to
install them because it said I already had current audio drivers.

Any help?


Install RealTek's drivers anyway.
(You can always roll back.)

Vista wasn't even recognizing my RealTek Audio and was intermittently cause
BSODs until updated.

You may have to run the installation by right-clicking the file and
selecting Run as Administrator.

Good luck!

Dale M. White

I might be all wet, but didn't SPDIF get disabled in Vista, because of the
new DRM ? I remember reading a short part of this on the creative labs page.

If I'm recalling right, under Vista, they want to make sure that every
component is a certified link, that can't be tampered with, so that you
can't make illegal copies of movies and music. So you have to get a HDMC ?
or something like that certified connection.

I'm sure someone more knowledgeable can fill in the parts I'm getting wrong.

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