NVidia, NForce 2/3, Vista, ATI



Am I glad that choosed intel based motherboard when I last upgraded my
Nvidia talks nForce2, nForce3 Vista support

Last week, we learned about a compatibility problem with Nvidia
nForce3-based motherboards involving Windows Vista, ATI graphics
cards, >and dual-core processors. Nvidia informed us that its only
chipsets >certified for Vista were the nForce4, nForce 500, and nForce
600 >series, suggesting that nForce3 users suffering from compatibility
problems in Vista would have to suck it up and either stick with
Windows XP or buy new hardware.
However, the company seems to have changed its mind somewhat. Nvidia
Platform Products PR Manager Bryan Del Rizzo has e-mailed us saying,
"There is a known issue with ATI AGP cards and nForce3 and Vista. This
is currently being looked into and will most likely be resolved with a
MCP driver update." Del Rizzo adds that nForce3- and nForce2-based
systems can run Vista using built-in Microsoft drivers and third-party
audio chipset drivers. There is one notable exception, though: storage
support. Nvidia RAID is just plain not supported, and Del Rizzo says
there are "known Vista issues with some ATAPI devices."

from: http://techreport.com/onearticle.x/11832





It pays to go with large conglomerate rip-off companies like Intel and MS.
I do, and I buy their stock too (even if I can't face myself in the

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