Numbers from query concactinate when added in Report


Juan Schwartz

I am using the query:

TRANSFORM Count(NZ(Count([Itemized Records].Subject),0)) AS Calls
SELECT Format([Date],"yyyy-mm-dd") AS SortDate, [Itemized
FROM [Itemized Records]
WHERE (((Format([Date],"mm/dd/yy"))=[Enter date(mm/dd/yy): ]))
GROUP BY Format([Date],"yyyy-mm-dd"), [Itemized Records].Subject
ORDER BY Format([Date],"yyyy-mm-dd")
PIVOT Format([Date],"hh") & ":" &
IIf(Int(Format([Date],"n"))>=30,"30","00") In

When I display the numbers in the report, they work fine. However, when
I use...


In the report to total the row horizontally in the detail portion of
the query, it does not work...

In the footer, I use SUM([00:00]) and that works to add the totals

Any help would be appreciated...



Duane Hookom

There is at least one reply in Reports where you asked the same question.

If you feel you need to post to more than one group (HINT: it's seldom
necessary), please have the courtesy to cross-post (send the one message to
all groups at once), rather than multi-post (send individual messages to
each group). In this way, all responses to your post will be available
together, regardless of what group the responder was in, and the rest of us
won't have to read your post multiple times. (It also uses fewer server

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