ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt xp

Dec 13, 2009
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ok i was playing counter strike source and then my computer froze it was like 11am in the morning and i was playing all night so i was tired so i waited for i bit for it to unfroze but i didn't and i was tried as well so i was like eh f*** it and i when to bed when i got up i turn it on and said "[PHP]ntoskrnl.exe missing or corrupt[/PHP] " please re-install file sooo i got my win xp CD and put it in to repair then "[PHP]INF File txtsetup.sif is missing or corrupt [/PHP] and it said something "32767 " same with the ntoskrnl.exe then i got really mad cus i dont know how to fix this cinda stuff so i when on my other computer and look it up and i found people saying go to this or go get your win xp
CD and repair BUT I CANT CUS ITS NOT ALLOWING ME TO use the CD the CD is fine by the way, and i dont know what my password is when i go to setup CAN ANY ONE HELP ME???????
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