NTFS Permissions on local groups after dcpromo?


Franz Schenk

In a server migration project, we restored directories from a DC to a
memberserver. All NTFS permissions for the Built in domain local group
"Administrators" are now granted to the memberserver local group

Is it correct that when a member server is promoted to a DC (dcpromo), NTFS
Permissions granted to the server local Administrators group will be
migrated as well and the same NTFS Permissions will be granted to the
Built-In domain local group "Administrators"? (because local users and
gruoups will not be available anymore)

Thank you all in advance for all answers



Joe Richards [MVP]

The domain built-in group administrators is the same as the built-in group
administrators on member servers. It is just that in a domain, the DCs all share
the same built-in groups. These groups may appear to be domain local and local
groups, but they are not.

The SID is actually identical for both groups - S-1-5-32-544


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