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Yes, Andrew, Someone would want a FAT 32 format if they wanted to configure a multiple boot pc. I want to install linux, but i have heard that whatever you try, you can't take all of your programs with you to linux. For this reason, i want to create a multiple boot pc. I have a 80 gigabyte hard drive with one partition on it currently using NTFS. Can i resize my partition and make one partition FAT 32? or do i need another hard drive?



Bruce Chambers

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WinXP can read FAT12 (the file system used on 3.5" diskettes),
FAT16, FAT32, CDFS (the file system used on most CDs), and NTFS with
equal facility. Further, the file system on any one disk/partition or
diskette has absolutely no affect upon the operating system's ability
to read other compatible file systems on other disks/partitions.

Bruce Chambers

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