NT 2000 Trust relationship fails



I'm having a NT domain called test.lk running on a single
PDC. And there is a different Windows 2000 Active
directory domain called sky.test.lk(This is not a child
domain)in a remote site. When trying to setup a trust
relationship (2 way trust), it gives an error msg from the
windows 2000 DC saying that "The secure channel(SC)query
on domain controller \\server1 of domain TEST to domain
SKY failed with error: Access Denied. An SC reset now will
be attempted"

There is no firewalls between the 2 sites.
What could be the reason for this issue?
Please help




Tim Hines [MSFT]

This may occur if the value for restrictanonymous is 2. This is explained
in the following KB

246261 How to Use the RestrictAnonymous Registry Value in Windows 2000

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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