notepad opens Desktop.ini file on Windows startup!

Aug 4, 2012
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this worked for me too, but I wish to understand what this is all about. I decided to use windows xp from time to time (I used only Linux before) because of TexttoSpeach software and some games but can't get used to instability and strange behavior of windows. I don't only mean viruses, fragmentation, registry troubles. I wish to understand how the terrible thing works. In linux we can analize every peace of code, you can configure windows manager or any other part. in windows it's huge one peace indivisible and limited (what viruses use in addition to incomplete file permissions of NTFS e.g. only R and W, no Execute. So my question is: can I be explained what's the matter with this desktop.ini and what is the logic opening it in some cases automatically in text aditor. I also would wish to know how this works to see under the hood.

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