Norton Internet sercurity/Anti virus Compatability problems



There seems to be a compatabilty problems with Norton
Internet security. The application locks up when attemping
updates. system has to be rebooted and is very slow. But
works ok if Norton Internet/Anti virus security is
disabled. Is there a solution for this problems?

Bill Sanderson

Are you noticing any other slowdowns? Application launching? Email
disconnects? Browsing issues?

If you turn off real-time protection, using the workaround paragraph in this
KB article, does that fix the problem with NIS? Is this NIS2005? End users may be prompted to allow or
block administrative actions that originate from a central management tool
after they install Windows AntiSpyware (Beta) on a computer that is managed
by Systems Management Server 2003


I also have compatibility problems with Norton's
Antivirus program. I use Systemworks and the antivirus
portion is no longer active. I cannot get the Norton
Antivirus program to work with Systemworks suite.
I've removed and reinstalled, removed from the registry
and rebooted but no matter what I do Systemworks will not
run the antivirus. I get a message saying it cannot
remove the UELA (License agreement) then it's numbers.
How does one remove any/all traces of previous versions
of Norton Antivirus. Before using MS Antispyware it
worked fine. Norton customer service will not help as
they say it's due to Microsofts program and I need to
contact them.

Bill Sanderson

I'd remove Microsoft Antispyware, and call Norton back. They should be able
to help you with this--and frankly, I think it is likely to be their
problem, on balance. With Microsoft Antispyware out of the picture, they
won't have that excuse.

Get everything Norton up and working properly for awhile, then try the beta
I've seen enough reports of issues with Systemworks, in particular, though,
that you might want to wait for another build to retry.

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