Northwind 2007 login form?



I'm creating an inventory database and I would like to use the Northwind 2007
login form. I've created an identical form with the same combo box and login
button. I've recreated the macro on the login button exactly, but when I use
my version, it won't take me to the record I have selected in the combo box.
Is there anyone out there who can explain in detail how the login form is
setup so I can try and figure out what I'm doing wrong? Does anyone have an
alternative way of doing the same thing? I can't find a true explanation of
the how the Northwind database is setup anywhere. Access help is not very
Thank you,


Did you also create the embedded macro which is embedded in the after update
of the combobox? That macro is referring to the user variable and that points
to the user. When you say "it doesn't go to the record" what do you mean by
that. In Northwind it just opens the general form and sets a pointer to the
user you've selected.

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