No program is registered to open this file



Hopefully someone can help me.

I've seen this type of error discussed earlier but never resolved.
Not really a VBA issue but I came across it while coding up a
project.....dealing with hyperlinks.

In excel 2007 I create hyperlinks to video files.. .wmv files
specifically. When I click on the link it starts up the application
and plays the .wmv file. (This excel file is basically a catalog
of video clips that I can sort and select to play)

I try to use this excel file on another computer running an older
version of excel. When I click on the hyperlink I get the "No
program is registered to open this file" error. The interesting
thing is that if I go into Explorer and click on the file it starts up
the app and plays it. Going into Explorer/Options...etc shows that
the file extension is indeed mapped to the application that plays
it. Now, if I create a hyperlink to other types of files (like
a .xls or jpg file) the hyperlink works fine in Excel.

So...seems that Windows/Explorer sees the .wmv file type registration
but Excel does not. Can anyone help me out can I get
Excel to recognize this particular file association that Explorer
already does.


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