No more new fonts may be applied in this workbook



I was getting this message when I was copying or changing charts in my
workbook. After inserting the macro as outlined on this discussion board with
the same thread name, the error stopped (THANKS!).

BUT now I am trying to change part of the font colour inside a (merged) text
box and am getting the same error "No more new fonts may be applied in this

Any hints as to how I can continue to change the font colour inside of a
cell? Bold, Italic etc. seems to work but colour changes don't.




Dewayne B


I have been seeing this problem a lot over the last week as well.

What I have read is that you are limited to 256 fonts in charts and graphs and that you can turn off auto scaling see link below;EN-US;Q215573

I have removed all charts and graphs from my excel application, but I do a lot of cell merging and formating and am seeing this same error.

I'm looking for a way to "store" a font and re-use it

I will post if I find a resolution to this problem.

One hint, I recently started using wingding3 font in a lot of the cells to represent relationships and this problem began appearing - .NET Developer Portal of Choice

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