No Mail Option In User Accounts


Timothy Michel

I want to link my Hotmail email account to the Inbox in the Default Folders
Inbox Folder and have been instructed in the literature to go to the "Mail"
option in Control Panel User accounts to accomplish this. However, when I
goto Users Accounts in Control Panel, there is no "Mail option. The
literature tells me to un-install Office 2007 Professional PLus and
re-install it and then run Outlook once and then go to Control Panel User
Account and the "Mail" option should appear. Once in the "Mail"option in
Control Panel I should be able to setup the default email account, but after
exhausting all of the above there is no "Mail" option in Control Panel User
Accounts. What can I try next?

Roady [MVP]

Which version of Windows are you using?
In case of a 64-bit version of Windows Vista, check the 32-bit Control Panel

In addition to what you are trying to achieve, you can only receive your
Hotmail emails into your default folder set when you have it configured via
POP3. This will not work when using the Outlook Connector.
For further differences see;

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