No display coming out of sleep mode



Relevant Info -
CPU: AM2 5200
Mobo: M2N32-SLI Deluxe wifi edition
O/S: Vista 32 home premium
GPU: 2 X EVGA 7600GT 256mb (sli mode)
Monitor: Viewsonic 27" LCD T.V. utilizing DVI port from primary slot vga
(don't know model # off the top of my head, i'm at work, but I do know I dl
the unsigned drivers vista os zip file from viewsonic's website)
PSU: 600W
All drivers are current/up-to-date.

PROBLEM: Put computer into sleep mode either through start menu or pushing
pwr button (i've set requirement for pwr button < 4sec = sleep mode). I go
to work. 8 hrs later, I come back, click mouse or push a key on keyboard.
Electronically, computer wakes up, however, display/monitor stays on standby.
I'll press a button on the Viewsonic's remote control to get the bugger out
of standby mode, but it immediately goes back to a blank screen/standby,
which tells me, computer isn't "waking" up the lcd like it should OR
basically, the two ain't communicating.

So, I'll 1)Press the reset switch (but sometimes this is a hit or miss, b/c
upon reboot the LCD may or may not come out of standby and start displaying,
which again means the two ain't communicating), and if it does work, I'll get
asked to start in safe mode, last known config, etc. OR 2)I'll decide to
hold down pwr button, shut computer off, then power on, upon which I'll get
asked to start in safe mode, last known config, etc. This has been happening
before and after sli mode, so I know it's not that. This has been a pain in
the rear, even with XP, so I know it's not just another new bug with vista.
But now I'm finally fed up with it, and am querying about it.

Q: How do I fix?

I've tried messing with bios plug n play options, windows "sleep" mode
options, removing and re-plugging DVI cable while computer just sits there
on, the t.v.'s menu options, etc, but to no avail, the display won't come up.
So, I've just set settings to never turn off hard drive or monitor, or enter
sleep mode, and leave screensaver on, so that I don't have to deal with my
blank screen issue.

In advance, I'd like to thank all those that provide T/S tips, I'm
desperate. It'd be nice to come home, and after the comp has been asleep a
while, just click mouse button and everything comes up normally, everytime,
all the time. (This may also help you help me troubleshoot, USB Razer
diamondback mouse & USB generic dynex keyboard, AND this problem doesn't seem
to occur when the comp is in sleep mode for a short while, say less than 1 or

Lastly, apologize for the novel read, I'm comp. literate and am capable of
entering the registry to tweak this or that, have exhausted the forums/faq
sections, and will do whatever I gotta do to get this unique problem solved
once and for all.

Blank Screen


Maybe the unsigned drivers are the issue? Have you tried uninstalling the
Viewsonic & re-installing with Vista's built in signed drivers, to see what



I get this issue also, but only on one model of CPU - the Dell OptiPlex 745's
using the digital LCD on Vista. I contacted Dell, they had two fixes (which
neither worked) 1st to flash the BIOS with their new update, no luck, and
then they said that this is a know issue with their 745 models, with a
Symantec conflict. preformed their suggested registry edit, also with no
luck. This is also a factory install of all driver, which are already the
newest that are listed on Dell's site as well as ATI which is providing the
vista drives for this model. So any help in this matter would be greatful


Since all the power to your MOBO is not turned off during a restart like it
is with a power off your problem may have something to do with the amount of
power available to your components and the sequence they come up in. It
appears that another device may be drawing too much power during restart at
the same time that you graphics card is trying to start.
I suggest that you set your floppy or a optical drive as your boot disk and
then let this device time out during boot with no disk installed this will
delay your boot HDD from drawing a lot of power right away.

Rojo Habe

I've had this once, so far. I believe it to be hardware related because it
also failed to initialise the graphics card from cold a couple of times. I
took the side off the tower with the intention of pulling the graphics card
out and reseating it but, after getting the screw out of the bracket, failed
to get the retaining clip released from the back end of the card. Anyway,
wiggling it about, pushing it firmly into its slot and putting everything
back together seems to have helped; it hasn't happened since (so far).

I've also had the keyboard (PS2, not USB) go unresponsive coming out of
sleep mode. No idea what causes that yet.

Anyway, to sum up, make sure your graphics cards are fully seated in their
slots. Not sure how SLI works these days, but is there also a ribbon cable
between the two cards? If so, check that too.

One other important thing: make sure you and the computer are earthed before
touching anything inside.

Let us know how you get on.


Yes, this is a problem that occurs now and then, and Dell knows
about it as it appears on their consumer boards. My laptop uses
the Intel 945 driver, version 6.xx or 7.xx. You describe my
situation almost perfectly, and I know the screen illumination
is ON (can see slight bleed of light), but the LCD pixels are
all OFF. In other words, the problem is NOT the illumination
panel behind the LCD but the LCD itself.

Dell has had me reinstall versions of the video driver, to no
avail. Because the problem is intermittent, it might work three
or four times and appear to be "cured", then fail the next time.
Dell's next suggestion was to replace my mother board, but since
the situation changes with driver changes, I suspect software is
the problem.

I dislike this, but have been tolerating it knowing that new
video driver editions are forthcoming. And, somewhere/someone
has solved it - hopefully that information will be shared!

PLEASE post advice here, or send it to me at the address above
(remove the obvious).



I am also having this problem.

I have a HP w20 monitor at the moment.

I don't think that this problem has anything to do with monitor drivers
as last suggested.

Any suggestions please?

Yeah... look at the date of the post/thread you are replying to next
time. Last post was AUGUST 3 OF LAST YEAR, and it was by someone who
is not registered on that board you are using... which means the
person won't be getting an email telling him/her about your post.

MOST messages on that board come from the outside (look at all the


I am having the same issue as well.

I have an hp running windows vista with a 256 meg video card.

I know the monitor and cables are fine, but everytime I start-up the
desktop.. I get the ' no vga or dvi connection' going to sleep mode.

If I unplug the cable into the desktop, I get the "check video cable"

Does this sound like a video, logic, or vista software issue?

I am dumbfounded.. pc was working fine last night.

System Restore to a point prior to this happening.

Timothy Davis [MSFT]

This sounds like a BIOS issue - have you checked Gateway's site for an

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