Nintendo Switch Review


Mar 25, 2003
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The Nintendo Switch gaming console is being released on Friday 3rd March, and the first reviews are hitting the net today. Unlike other gaming consoles, the unique selling point of the Switch is that you can, well, switch between using it as a console and as a portable gaming device, and this is indeed something that it seems to do well. However, it seems that there are a number of gripes that reviewers have with the Switch:

What I can tell you, without need for guesswork, is that the Switch is a beguiling, flawed piece of hardware that isn’t like any other gaming system I’ve owned. It executes its main idea well enough that its shortcomings are alternately forgivable and all the more frustrating. It feels destined to be improved upon in a hardware revision (Perhaps the “New Nintendo Switch” in 2019?), and this launch version will likely be remembered as a first generation console that wasn’t quite what it could have been.


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