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Sep 30, 2005
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Print Latest Space Events With Nextinspace In Terminal

Curious to know what's happening in Space? Wondering when is a satellite or a spaceflight is going to be launched? Try Nextinspace, a command line program to print latest Space events in Terminal. Nextinspace uses Launch Library 2 API to fetch the details of upcoming Space-related events and orbital launches. All from command line! It is written in Python programming language and released under GPL-3.0 License.

There is a AUR package for Arch.

Screenshot of three different ways to show "launch" data.


Showing next five events,


Showing next five launches including a TOP SECRET one.


I am going to look into making a small script that will show this information on a daily basis on the desktop, later in the winter as I am too busy at the moment.

Funnily enough I can see no mention of Icelands launch :lol:

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