News doesn't stay


John Holt

Hello all,
I'm running Outlook 2k3. I added the New item to the Go menu. BUT, it
doesn't stay. When it disappears I can go to Control Panel>Internet
Option>Programs tab and on the Newsgroups item is empty. I select Outlook
Express from the box and click apply and the button appears in Outlook.
Every time I click the Go>News (when it's there), I get the box stating that
Outlook Express is not my default news ready and would I like make it my
default and if I want to check every time. Have tried yes and no and
unchecking the Always Check, but that does seem to change anything. My News
item still disappears from the Go menu.

Anyone know what's up with this thing and how I can make the sucker stay


Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Posted here countless times.
To get the News command back, go back to the Programs tab in Control Panel |
Internet Options and change the default newsreader to Outlook Express. If
OE prompts you to make it your default newsreader the next time you launch
it, clear the "Always perform this check..." box and then click the No

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