Outlook News Reader problem



My setup: Win XP MCE 2004 SP 2. Office 2003.
I just installed Outlook as my mail reader. Followed online user guide to
configure Outlook as news reader (dragged News button to the Go menu).
Everything worked fine for one day. Next day I launched Outlook, News became
a menu item next to Go (not an item within the Go menu). Clicking on the
News menu item opens a strange folder in C:\windows\ I cannot go back and
add News button to the Go menu as the News button does not show up anymore in
the customize list of toolbars.

Is there any way to reset Outlook to the original menu items without loosing
my mail folders and address book?



First, you can reset your toolbars. Right-click a toolbar and click
Customize. On the toolbars tab, select any built-in toolbar and click the
Reset button. (The Reset button is not available for user-created toolbars.)

To fix the Go | News issue, try the following -- it seems to work for many:

To get the News command back, go back to the Programs tab in Control Panel |
Internet Options and change the default newsreader to Outlook Express. If OE
prompts you to make it your default newsreader the next time you launch it,
clear the "Always perform this check..." box and then click the No button.

You may need to reset the Menu Bar and/or restart Outlook and/or reboot your
machine in order to complete the process. Not everyone is reporting success
with this method, but try it and see what happens. If all else fails, you
can always create a desktop shortcut to Outlook Express and include the
/newsonly switch -- that gives you the same result as accessing the
newsreader via the News command in Outlook.

Jocelyn Fiorello
MVP - Outlook

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