new to IMAP - some questions



OL 2002 SP3

i am new to IMAP.
1) i set up 1 email account and saw that OL creates a pst file just for
that account--which i find weird.
2) then i saw that OL stores the "sent" items in folder "sent" local
3) then i had a problem as i chose to connect thru SSL with this error
message appearing: "the server u r connected to is using a security
certificate that cd not be verified. a certif chain processed, but
terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust
provider. do u want to continue to using this server?

i checked with host and that setup (not sharing certificate, etc.) is

how do i set up OL NOT to display this error message everytime i open
OL--every session?

tx for ur comments to my above 3 points.

Patrick Schmid

1) Normal. Outlook needs some way to store a local copy of IMAP emails.
All IMAP email clients do this in some form. Outlook just happens to
create one PST for each IMAP account.
2) Normal for Outlook 2003. If you want sent emails to be stored on the
server, you need 2007 (still in beta).
3) You need to make sure that the certificate is trusted by your
computer. To do that, make sure you have the appropriate CA certificate
in your local certificate store. Outlook 2007 is better in diagnosing
this issue, as it allows you to see the certificate in that dialog and
therefore better troubleshoot what the problem with the certificate it
(it could e.g. also be expired). If you can't fix the underlying
certificate issue, you'll just have to deal with this message.

Patrick Schmid


tx Patrick. can u please explain how to make sure the cert is trusted
by my computer?
i have no idea even WHERE the cert is, etc.
(i am using OL2002 SP3)

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