New mail not showing in Inbox




Outlook 2007. Win XP.

Suddenly, four days ago, Outlook stopped showing new incoming messages
in its Inbox. Sending works fine. When I check mail on my mail server
using Webmail, it is there and new messages are coming in.

When Receiving, Outlook even downloads the mail, I can see it
progressively doing so in the bottom right corner but simply does not
put the messages in the Inbox (or anywhere else I can find).

I tried compacting the mailbox, it did not help.

I made a copy of my account in Outlook and when I tried receiving mail
for the new account, it apparently got all the 189 messages on the
server (10 MB in size total) -- I could see the numbers counting in
the bottom right corner and it took about three minutes. But the
messages were not going to my Inbox.

Can someone help please?

- G. Amik




Have you updated Office 2007 to SP1?

A bunch of people had this problem pre-SP1. They may or may not still have
the problem with SP1. There are multiple posts about this on these forums. We
worked around it by clicking on another folder and then back on the Inbox.
That makes all the downloaded e-mails appear. They really were being
downloaded, but not displaying on the screen until switching away and back to
the Inbox. I had the problem on and off, but haven't had it for awhile.

Here is something from the Office 2007 SP1 spreadsheet that lists SP1
changes. I have no idea if this covers your (our?) particular issue or not,
but it looks similar.

"If a user experiences a sync problem at startup that is not a network
error, that user will not receive new mail in that folder unless he or she
switches folders and returns to the problematic folder. This issue was fixed
in SP1."

FYI, you can get the spreadsheet from

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