New instances of IE 7 hangs when copying files since SP 1




Since installing the Vista Service Pack 1 for my Vista home premium I
have found that when I start to copy a set of files, irrespective of
size. If I then try to run an instance of Internet Explorer it half
loads and claims to be connecting to my home page (currently set to however it just hangs there and stops responding. Even
after the copying of files has completed the IE window remains hung
and requires it to be 'End tasked'.

If I have an Internet Explorer session open before and during the
copying I can browse normally whilst the copying is taking place
however if I try and load a separate instance of Internet Explorer ie
another window or IE session that session hangs and has to be End

Basically I can not start any instance of IE whilst copying files.
Firefox works ok and it only happens with IE.

I have no spyware, viruses and have even tried stripping down the
programs running to the bare minimum. Nothing stops this from
happening and it is only since the Service Pack was installed.

My machine has 4GB of RAM and all other programs and applications

At least the file copying has got marginally better since installing
the Service Pack. I have put up with Vista being rubbish at copying
and being a pain to get drivers correctly setup for it but really had
hopes that this Service Pack would cure so many of the woes that has
prevented Vista being what it should be... A quality OS.

For the record I have even reset every setting in IE 7 and stripped it
right down to the basic program without addons to see if that fixed
the problem. The answer is no. I have been working as Systems Analyst
for other 15 years so have a sound technical knowledge of Microsoft
Operating Systems and Evironments however this one has got me puzzled.
Why should the copying of files effect the loading of IE like this?

Any help you can give on this would be apprecated. As it is I just
have to remember to have an instance of IE already loaded before I
begin copying files so that I don't have to wait for the copying to
complete before wanting to browse the net.

Thanks in advance.


rob;663420 Wrote:


While I've never encountered this issue, there is help available.
Microsoft is giving free tech support for SP1. You can find them at this

Thanks Joe,

I did try to submit an email to that link before coming here but the
final page where it submits the question was not working (typical) :)

I will try again later.

Any one else out there with an idea of something to try with this?

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