New DVD burner causing BSOD



I installed a new DVD burner in a system that already had a DVD/CD-RW
combo drive. The new drive works great as long as there isn't a disc in
the other DVD drive. If there is something in the old drive, inserting
a disc in the new drive creates problems. Sometimes the PC will just
lock up. Most of the time I get a blue screen of death (something I had
never seen with Windows XP). It says there has been a
KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR. Sometimes it will also mention the file
win32k.sys. Other times atapi.sys.

Initially I had both drives connected to the Secondary IDE controller -
DVD burner as master, DVD/CD-RW as slave. I have also tried moving the
DVD burner to the primary channel as a slave and the combo drive to the
master of the secondary channel. This doesn't seem to make a
difference. I tried booting up in safe mode to see what would happen.
The PC doesn't lock up. Instead I get a message that says there has
been a hard system error. This message repeats constantly until I reboot.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can try next?


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