New DC in AD Domain


Adam G

I just promoted a member server to be an additional DC
(DC2). My goal is to retire the original DC (DC1) and
make DC2 the sole DC. On the DC2, I set up DNS as a
secondary zone to the primary that runs on the DC1 in
order to have the records copied. When DC1 gets yanked,
the records will still show DC1 as authoritative for the
zone. I will change from secondary to primary on DC2,
then manually change the records to pont to DC2. Is this
the proper way??

Also, I created a GC on DC2. When I demote DC1, will all
the roles automatically transfer to DC2?




Shawn Rabourn \(MS\)

You may want to use Active Directory integrated DNS on both, which will make
DC2 have all the records that DC1 has automatically and as soon as you
demote DC1 it will be as if DC2 was the main man all along.

This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties and confers no rights.



Cary Shultz [A.D. MVP]


There are several other things to consider.

No! The FSMO Roles will not automagically be transferred to the second DC.
You can use the various mmcs to do this or you can use NTDSUtil to TRANSFER
the roles. The aduc mmc can be used to transfer the three Domain wide FSMO
Roles ( PDC Emulator, RID Master and Infrastructure Master ); the addt mmc
can be used to transfer one of the Forest wide FSMO Roles ( Domain Naming
Master ); the schema mmc can be used to transfer the other Forest wide FSMO
Role ( Schema Master ).

Please take a look at the following three MSKB Articles:

Info on the five FSMO Roles;EN-US;197132

For NTDSUtil;en-us;255504&Product=win2000

For MMCs;en-us;255690&Product=win2000

You might want to also consider transferring all services( such as DHCP,
WINS, Print Server, File Server, et al ) that dc01 performs over to dc02



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