New Computer, Won't Boot Up Vista Ultimate




I just bought a new computer, a PowerSpec E355 ( Intel Core 2 Duo Processor
E6600) with Windows Vista Ultimate. This was a returned item and there were
no instructions and no disc for Vista Ultimate (should there be one?). My
problem is that the computer won't boot up. When you turn it on there is a
long period with a black screen and a flashing cursor. Then you get the error
message:"The computer restarted unexpectedly or encountered an unexpected
error. Windows installation cannot proceed. To install windows, click 'ok' to
restart the computer and then and the restart the installation." Multiple
efforts rendered the same result. I then tried to start the computer in safe
mode and many lines of program proceeded to install but after this line:
"system32\drivers\crcdiscsys" I got a new error message, "Windows cannot
complete installation in safe mode..." What should I do? (other than
returning the computer?). And again, should there be an DVD for the
installation? It doesn't ask for one).

Kerry Brown

Most OEM computers don't come with a Windows DVD. They have a factory
restore procedure. It sounds like the computer was previously returned
because it was defective and then was not fixed before it was resold. I'd
return it. That error can be indicative of a bad hard drive, bad RAM, bad
motherboard, or bas PSU. It may not be but I wouldn't want a new computer
that started out with an error like that.

Ronnie Vernon MVP


<but after this line: "system32\drivers\crcdiscsys" I got a new error

That line isn't important the "crcdiscsys" is always the last to load when
booting to safe mode.

I would follow Kerry's advice and return the computer for a replacement.

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