New Blank doc starts in the middle of the page



HELP...I have Microsoft Word X for MAC. I just downlaoded the updated
software and ever since everytime I open a new blank doc in Word, it starts
in the middle of the page and no matter what I do, I cannot move it to the
top. This is not just in the VIEW but when I print! Any suggestions would be
much appreciated. Thanks



Dayo Mitchell

Check under Format | Document, Layout tab, and make sure vertical alignment
is set to Top, sounds like it might be at Center.

If that doesn't work, quit word, find the file Normal (Apps: Office:
Templates), rename it to OldNormal, and restart word. Word will create a
fresh Normal template, which is the base for all new documents. You can
recover customizations from OldNormal via the Organizer (under Tools |

If my first suggestion worked, then make the same change in the Normal
template itself instead of getting a fresh Normal.

Yours is not a Mac-specific problem, being wholly internal to Word, but see
below for info on Mac office newsgroups, in case external glitches arise.


Here's some general troubleshooting info for MacWord

A note on the differences between Mac and WinWord:

For Mac-specific problems that involve glitches with Word, software/hardware
interactions or installation issues rather than manipulating Word itself to
produce a document, you are probably better off posting in a Mac newsgroup:

You can access these through the MS site, via Google Groups, or by setting
up a newsreader.
For Mac groups on the MS site, see here (note URL broken by text wrapping)

Newsreaders are usually most efficient--here's a link on how to configure a
newsreader (e.g. Entourage or Outlook Express, note that URL is broken by
text wrapping)

Here's a link on how to spamproof your address to protect it if using
re Outlook Express

Also exist.


Apr 3, 2017
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1. Open a blank document
2. go to Pagelayout
3. click page setup
4. set vertical alignment as top
5. click on ok

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