In Word 2007, customize the New doc section to open a blank doc?



In previous version of Word, the New Document selection automatically opened
a blank doc. If you wanted a template that was another selection. Word 2007
automatically opens the template selection window. How can I change this?
When I select NEW I want a new blank document, I do not want to perform
another step to get my blank document.



Cheryl Flanders

Ctrl + N opens a new blank document in Word 97 through 2007. Or you
can add the new document icon to the QAT. Click the Office Button/
Word Options/Customize, then choose "Commands Not in the Ribbon" to
locate the New Blank Document command.




Jay Freedman

If you press Ctrl+N and the template selection dialog appears, then someone or
some add-in has changed the default key assignment. To find out, press
Ctrl+Alt+number pad plus (the cursor changes to a clover leaf) and then press
Ctrl+N. The Customize Keyboard dialog will open and show you what command is
currently assigned to the shortcut.

If it isn't FileNewDefault, close the dialog. Then go to Office button > Word
Options > Customize and click the Customize button at the bottom of the options
dialog. In the Categories list, choose All Commands. In the Commands list,
choose FileNewDefault. Click in the "Press new shortcut key" box and type
Ctrl+N. Make sure the "Save changes in" box says Normal.dotm. Click the Assign
button and then the Close button.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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