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Awhile ago I posted in here asking how to access a network share from a XP
machine to a Vista Machine and was told that both machines need to have the
same login and password, since I fix computers and plug mainly XP machines
into my router to configure the system and use my Vista system to install
software on these XP machines from I would rather not put my login details
into their machines, I have tried on one XP machine and everything worked
I was told to use Network Magic if I want to continue to access Vista
machines from XP without login credentials.
So I decided to go back to XP instead of all the network hassles with Vista,
I did for a few days and then formatted and reinstalled Vista again as I
might as well start getting familiar with the new OS.
I don't know what I did, but after clean installing Vista and configuring my
system with software etc I can now access Vista from the XP machine without
login credentials and no network magic software installed, so in fact this
can be done with third party software and the correct login credentials, but
how it's done is still a mystery to me.

Anyone have any ideas?

Gloria Boyer [MSFT]

Hi Clayton. It does work without having both machines in the same workgroup
but it takes longer for the machines to see each other (and possibly has
other downsides that we can't determine without being hands-on), so we
generally recommend the "same workgroup" approach for clarity and

I'm glad it worked for you!
Thanks for posting,


Gloria - How long does it take if the names are different? Seems like I left
both XP and Vista machines on all day with different names (Vista -
Workgroup, XP - MSHome) and they did not see each other.

When I finally figured out (over couple days of troubleshooting) that Vista
was changed to "workgroup" by default instead of "MShome", I renamed the XP
machines to "workgroup" and then they all saw each other instantly as long as
I turned the Vista machine on last. That took another day of
troubleshooting. I discovered that by accident. Suddenly it all worked. I'm
cable w/D-Link router by the way.

This is a pain since I now work on Vista - if I want to start up the
network, I have to shut down Vista, start the XP, then start Vista.


What more can I do to at least prevent any other restrictions? can I give
full permission to my login name or whatever?
I should not have to be told that I can not delete a shortcut from
Start/Programs but it will allow me to delete it after a restart, I hate
these security restrictions.

Gloria Boyer [MSFT]

Hi Trick. I misspoke. If your machines are all running Vista, they don't
have to be in the same workgroup, but if you have a mixture of OS's, they

Sorry about that. I'm glad to hear you got it working.


Ok & thx; Vista's would all have the new default 'workgroup' name. Any
comment on the order of turning on the machines ==> XP then Vista?



Okay, since I can't find my original post....

I too could not get my 3 XP machines (existing network) to talk with my
Vista machine and vice-versa. I could see the Vista machine on the XP
machines, but other than seeing them in the mapping (after downloading the
LLTP drivers), I could not access the computers.

I had all the right things, file sharing, private, discovery on, firewalls
off. Everything I read in these communities, but nothing worked.

BUT the more I read the more I wondered if Norton was my problem. I went
into Norton's options, under personal firewall and then under general, and
configure, there I allowed my ip's for all my computers, and lo and behold,
after restarting all 4 computers, I had connectivity!!!

I only had to do this on my Vista machine, running Norton Internet Security

Hope this helps someone!



Kathi - It helps & that summarizes my own experience nearly exactly. From
scratch, you have to go thru all that learning. I have Gateway/Ult./McAfee
and the final answer was deep inside McAfee, allowing the home network ip (as
you write for Norton). I no longer need to turn my Vista machine off and
restart it if I want to see the XPs once I have the private home network ip
allowed in McAfee.

For anyone needing the path, right click on McAfee icon in system tray, open
security center, internet & network, configure, firewall protection,
advanced, trusted & banned IPs, add your home network range or click it on if
it is there (it should be there, mine was but it was not clicked on) or add
each ip you want to allow.

Not even the McAfee tech. knew to take me thru that process and as you can
see it is quite a long path.

BTW, try to search on your screen name for other posts or just click on your
screen name in your post to find other ones.


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