Network is OK, internet is not




I just installed an old XP machine in an existing and working network with a
mix of XP and Vista PCs. From the newly installed XP machine I can access
the files on the other computers, but when trying to log onto the internet,
I get the message that the connection was interrupted. I think I've checked
everything, but must be overlooking something. Does anyone have any
suggestions how to fix this?


Jack [MVP-Networking]

In order to help in such matter you have to post what the nature of your
Internet connection is and how the connection (Mode, Router) is configured.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking).


Thanks Jack,

The newly installed PC (and other XP-PC and Vista-laptop) connect to a
router (by cable), which in turn connects to the broadband modem (also by
cable). The other computers can access the internet correctly. This message
is proof that ;-)

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