NetSH Interface Naming



I have been investigating the NetSH Command for sometime now and am having
difficulties with using it to change settings on target PC's located on the
same logical network subnet as myself.

All PC's have Domain Admins group (of which I am a member) as part of the
Local Administrators group, all PC's are running the Remote Registry Service,
and my first test target machine has had the network card reinstalled under
Windows 2000.

I can successfully launch NetSH and set it to a remote machine through a 1
line NetSH command using the -r switch, or through entering the NetSH command
interface and using the 'set machine' command. I can sucessfully use a show
config command to list interfaces at the interface context.

When executing commands in the NetSH Interface IP context, I have been able
to use the command to change my own local connection through either 1) the
local keyword or 2) the "Local Area Connection" name. In the second case,
this only worked after re-installing the network card through Device Manager.

If I change to the interface context while running in online mode of NetSH
(and remoted to another machine), and perform and "show interface",
the name of the interface is shown as
"{3D1573B5-BDDA-435D-9452-2827E6CEE56A}" or some such. Moving to the IP
context and performing 'show config' reports the same name for the connection.

Interestingly, when I perform the 'show interface' and 'show config'
commands on the remote pc with the network card having being reinstalled, the
first command, 'show interface' at the interface context shows the name of
the connection properly - "Local Area Connection" - yet when I have moved to
the IP context and performed the 'show config' command, I get the string of
numbers as show above.

Network wise, there is the possibility I suppose that our PC's, linked
through VoIP phones on a different IP Addressed VLAN could be interfering
with the way win2K is setting up the network card names... but I don't see

Has anyone experienced this problem ? Is there a solution to it ? This is
important to me as I want to roll out a batch file for automatically updating
statis settings to about 100 odd PC's (possibly stretching to 4000) in the
next week and this is preventing this.




I don't have domain server -only group server- but with a friend's
machine the netsh don't work because the server domain is not present.
The company where he works have alternative authentication software like

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