NETCF Web Server & authentication


Steve Keyes

Hello everybody,
My application (written in VB.NET - Visual Studio 2008) runs on a device with Windows Embedded Compact 7, it is connected via modbus/tcp to a PLC and it is the user interface to control a lighting system.
I need to make this device remotely accessible so I added a web server to the application (code found in the Code Project forum) to manage requests from remote browswers.
The html pages are stored in the device.
The remote user, to get access, must login; the user is recognized by the web server and he start his timed session.
My web server is not very advanced and I have problems managing multiple users sessions and logout.
I'd like to use session id and cookies but I don't know from were to start also because in Compact Framework there are a lot of limitations and this is the reason why I chose this group to post my question.
Finding solutions for .NET not working in CF is frustrating!

Can someone give me some pointers in the right direction?

Thanks in advance.


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