Ziv Jacob

After successfully installing the "" file on my
Pocket PC device (QTEQ 2020, window pocket pc version 4.20.0 build
13252), i was trying to install my "Hello World" C# program that was
developed in Visual Studio .NET 2003 IDE. i Draged & Dropped the right
CAB file (HelloWorld_PPC.ARM.CAB) using ActiveSync 3.7 and tap on it.
the error that i got was:
"HelloWorld rquires the installation of for it to
run properly. Install the cab file before running the application".
Well, of course that the error that was reported was wrong cause the
necessary netcf cab file is already installed, or the installation of
that file was not successfull even though there were no errors reported.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance, ziv

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