unable to install .NET app on iPAQ PPC v3.0


david archer

With Visual Studio .NET 2003 I have developed a simple Pocket PC
application, and installed the Compact Framework on a Compaq iPAQ 3970
running Pocket PC v3.0.11171 (Build 11178) using netcf.core.ppc3.arm.cab.
However the install of my <app>_ppc.arm.cab fails with message box title
"debug" text "LoadLibrary Failed".

Does anyone know whether .NET 2003 is compatible with this iPAQ and what I
need to do so that my app will install?


Jared Miniman [MVP]

Hey--have you tried running this on the Pocket PC 2002 emulator? I'm
thinking you'll get a similar failure error. Try stepping through the
initial load code in the emulator to isolate any hardware issues (since I
highly doubt it's the iPAQ).

Jared Miniman
MS-MVP Mobile Devices
Accenture Mobile Solutions Group

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