.NETCF app missing KeyDown events




We've got an ecosystem of two apps, which I think may be part of the

First, I need some basic ground level understanding of the event
system. The TopMost Forms app will receive events? Or can any app
receive events?

The first app is a "splash" screen of sorts, but that's really a
misnomer: it's more of a launcher / watchdog: it launches the primary
app and watches the process, such as through OpenNetCF tools and such.
After that, it can go to the background.

The second app is the "primary" user experience on our device and
should be receiving KeyDown messages. I am finding that we are missing
some of those events. The key pad doesn't respond like it should. Not
every key press is being interpreted.

I've been reading some posts about intermediate / low-level message
pumps that we can override where we are dispatching key events to the
rest of the app and how we can "tell" the app that it should process
every one.

Something possibly about a PreFilterMessage or something? Or possibly
hook into OpenNetCF KeyboardHook. Doubtful I could justify something
like a Resco Controls at this stage of the game, though.

Another thought is, I was experimenting with the watchdog bringing it
to the front when (occasionally) the primary app would appear
unresponsive (sometimes it blocks doing IO). I am wondering possibly
that is getting focus and therefore key events instead of the primary

When in doubt the obvious answer is the simple one right? Probably one
of these type scenarios, but any insights would be great. Thanks!

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